Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm not so good at this blog thing

Well apparently I suck at keeping a blog, considering my last post was like 2 months ago. Not much new has been going on in my life. I spent a week in Colorado with Jake for spring break. We had a good time and it was pretty nice to relax a bit. On my last day there we went for a hike starting at Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain Park. It started at 9500 ft and proceeded to go up for the next half mile, with the trail under 3 ft of snow. Man, am I outta shape. We were considering that hike for my parents, but oh hell no! I'm afraid someone would have a heart attack if we attempted that.

School is winding down. It is very hard to believe my second year is almost over! I'm about 50% doctor. We have this awful thing coming up called boards. It makes me want to scream just thinking about it. Basically, it's the most important/hardest test I will probably ever take. I'm taking them June 25...yes it's Jake's birthday, I figured it would be good luck. So yes school is winding down, but my studying is winding up. I have lots to do between now and the 25th!

Jake is doing well. He presented at an international conference last week in Denver. Due to some technological difficulties, it didn't go as planned, but it was good practice because he will be presenting at a HUGE international conference in July. It's very exciting. His research is going well. They were able to video some sort of barrier/Calcium/something I don't understand breaking down, and this is huge.

We're studying the Mind in school right now, and I'm kind of having fun diagnosing everyone I know with mood, personality, depressive, conduct, ADHD, etc disorders. Hehehe. I do believe that some people I know do have some things wrong, and it was quite enlightening.

Jake will be arriving on Thursday and I am very excited to see him! We will take pictures this weekend, and I will be updating again soon.

Ciao for now.