Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow and Jake

So this week Ohio got hit by a big snow/ice storm. School was canceled Tues-Friday so I enjoyed that break. My car basically got buried by the ice. I couldn't even see my door handles! My friend Jeff had to come help me de-ice my car because my scraper was stuck inside my car. Anyways, it took us about an hour and we pulled off some huge pieces.

Jake arrived yesterday and will be here until Monday. I'm really excited to have him here this weekend. I was starting to get crabby (so was he). We're basically just laying low. Although tomorrow night we're going out to dinner with some friends.

Oh yeah, I'm dogsitting Izzy for Paul and Brenna. It's been fun to have a dog here, although she puts me on a schedule!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first post

Apparently blogs are the new thing, and I enjoy reading other people's. I am not sure if people will even be interested in reading what I have to say. But I always have interesting stories from clinic and Jake has weirdo stories too. I'll see what comes up.

I go back to psych this week. The good part is that I can dress cute and wear high heals because I'm sitting down the whole time. The bad part is that I'm sitting down the entire time and I never get to examine the patients, well because it's their head being examined.

Jake is coming on Thursday and staying until Monday! That makes me very very happy. Plus I get to dogsit for my friends' dog Izzy while they are out of town. A husband and a dog: almost like I have a real family!