Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fake patients= fun...I don't think so

Today we were subjected to the Mini-CEX. What does this stand for you might ask? I have no clue. What it means though, is that we wear our white coats, go see a "patient" who is pretending to have an ailment, go through a complete history and physical, write a SOAP (it's a certain way to write a medical note, nothing to do with Ivory or Dial) note on it and get graded. Sound confusing? It kind of is.

Normally, our patients are pretending...so that's what I assumed today. My patient complained of a skin lesion on his nose. I didn't even examine his nose assuming that there wasn't even a real spot. He gave me this really complete history and everything. It's not until we were discussing the patient afterwards as a group that I realized it was all real. Oops. Yeah I'm going to make an amazing doctor. So yes, I gave this poor man a complete neuro exam yet I didn't even check his nose.

I did realize today that my SOAP note writing skills aren't too amazing. In the clinic, we never write things up. We just present to our preceptor. I need to work on this as who the heck knows what next year brings.

What's up for next week? Foley catheters and IV's. Thank goodness we aren't starting these on each other. There are medical dummies to practice on. I promise to get pictures of this and post them.

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