Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An update, plus Jake's visit

First off, a boards update. I changed them to July 13. I'm going to take them in CO instead of OH. I'm heading out to CO on June 12th and will study there for the remainder of the summer. I realized that my emotional well being will be much better if I'm with Jake for the most stressful period of my life to date. We've already got the whole schedule figured out. We wake up early, he drops me off at the library, comes and gets me for dinner and then possibly head back after dinner depending on the day. So yes my summer break gets cut down to less than one week, but my break was never about being off but being with Jake. I would rather get less than a week of break, but do well on boards then have three weeks off and have done terribly.

Jakester was here this last weekend. We had a great weekend. Friday we went to see Angels and Demons. I was very happy with it but it was good that I hadn't read the book in about three years. Mr. Photographic Memory remembered all the little (or big) details that were different. On Saturday, we just stayed around the house and I studied. Sunday we went to Taste of Cincinnati! Wow was that fun and yummy! There were so many good things to eat and I definitely had a food baby by the end of the evening. There was live music so we just chilled out on the Fountain Square and enjoyed each other's company. On Monday we went and saw the new Night at the Museum movie. It was so much fun! I love those movies and will definitely be purchasing once it comes out on DVD.

Tomorrow we will be suturing chicken breasts and doing Foleys. I'll take pictures!


  1. I think you made a great decision to go out to CO :)

  2. Thanks Allison, I think I did too. I feel so much better about it.

  3. oooo I am glad you got to Taste!! So fun and I totally forgot to encourage you to go.... did you try anything amazing???