Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My first week in Family Practice in CO!

So my facilitators are awesome and got me a rotation in CO so I can live with my husband (you know like a real married couple). It's really great. The doctors I am working with are really motivated to teach and are doing a great job. On my first day, I was suturing up a neck! I have also put in a cortisone injection to the knee which was kind of freaky, but so much fun! My SOAP notes are getting better and clearer as the time goes on. Yesterday I was on call with Dr. M and had a good time at the hospital. We had a delivery, rounded on 5 babies, went and had lunch, then saw a 17 year old that had been admitted.

Today, my favorite patient was a 4 month old who was so happy and busy smiling and laughing at me. It might have been because I had a huge shiny necklace on, but I like to think she was enjoying me! I find that the hardest patients to work on are those who just cry and cry in the office. I'm not talking about children either. Adults who are so depressed that they can't even carry on a conversation without crying. I was told by my facilitators that I need to identify who those patients are and make sure they don't suck all my energy out because it can make you down in the dumps. It's very difficult to get through those conversations. Anyways, there's not many like that and most people are in pretty good spirits.

I've gotten asked so many times how old I am. Apparently, I look very young and they are always shocked I'm so far along in my education. What they don't know is that I will be like in my early 30's before I'm all done!

Ok, done for today.

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