Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disgusting Things That Somehow Don't Bother Me

Medical school has definitely introduced me to some disgusting things. Somehow they don't really bother me.
Incident #1: ok this isn't really as disgusting as it is messy. A c-section is very very messy. Once you cut into the uterus, all the amniotic fluid and blood comes bursting out. Yesterday morning I scrubbed on two c-sections and at the first one, I just got sprayed from neck to toes....so happy that we're gowned up so well. We actually where booties that go up to our knees....making them more like leggings.

Disgusting incident #2: Being in my surgery rotation, I have to go wherever my preceptor goes. Tuesday afternoons, this includes the Wound Care Center. People come here with the most disgusting wounds I have ever seen. Some of them are small and getting better, but some of them are huge, gaping holes. There are some that are the size of a softball and are 3-4 inches deep. My job today was to debride them. This includes me taking a currette and scraping the wound. This one guy today had four huge ones. Two patients today had really smelly ones. I am perfecting breathing out of my mouth.

I have to say though, that if wound clinics didn't exist, these poor people would have no one who could help them. Their care is weekly, and they don't go away on their own; they just get worse. So Dr. H is a huge help to these people who are otherwise ignored from all their other doctors.

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