Monday, April 12, 2010

Internal Medicine Day 1

I started my internal medicine outpatient rotation today. I struggled to set this one up since my facilitators said I could do it out in Colorado. Everything I was planning on kept falling through. So finally, I went to the AOA's website, found Dr. B and called his office. He went to Kirksville, which is affiliated with my school. He said yes, thankfully. Anyways, I totally admire him. He has a private practice: just him and two medical assistants. He likes to take his time with his patients, so he spends 20-40 minutes with each patient. While I've done this with other doctors and hated it, Dr, B realizes that he can't do this and see a gagillion patients a day. His absolute max is around 20, typically more like 17. He says that he has done the 30-40 patients a day and was miserable. He makes less money now, but he's happy. We work 8:30-5 three days a week and 8:30-12 the two other days.

I try really hard to be fun and sweet to the patients. The medical assistant always asks the patients if they're ok with a student. Well one guy said no problem as long as he wasn't getting a prostate check. Well, I walked in the room and said "I hear you want a prostate exam today." He and his wife almost fell over laughing. I like making patients laugh. It lightens the mood.