Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Amazing Patient and Pot

I saw a patient this week who is a spitfire. He's 80 and still works full time being in charge of around 400 people. And here's my favorite part: he does between 200-300 push-ups per day! *Jaw drop. Yeah, I was shocked. He was also a motormouth. I could barely get a word in, and his adorable wife just sat in the corner smirking. The whole thing was quite comical. I was kind of hoping he would get down and show me. LOL.

Being in Colorado, medical marijuana is legal. Dr. B has about 6 patients in his practice who he has on it. I think the whole thing is rather strange. I saw a 93 year old man this last week who has severe spinal stenosis. At his previous appt they had decided to give pot a try. His daughter came in to follow up with Dr. B. Well, they decided not to pursue using it because they don't think it really worked. The daughter says "We have had to change the music we listen to." LOL, I just had to hide a smile.

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