Monday, February 23, 2009

My amazing husband :)

I just had the best weekend of my life. I went to visit Jake in Colorado and we celebrated Valentine's day. It was a week late because of my hematology test, but sometimes I think celebrating at a different time is better anyways. So my weekend : Friday morning Jake told me that I needed to pack my bag as we weren't coming home until the next day. He took me to the St. Julien Day Spa where he had booked me a massage and pedicure. Now this wasn't just some random spa, this place was amazing. It had a steam room and sauna, I wore a robe and slippers. Totally amazing.

After I was all finished, Jake surprises me with a room at the St. Julien. Now this place is fancy, super fancy. Our room was amazing. While we were killing time, Jake gave me a sapphire necklace. It's so pretty. It's a three stone, emerald cut. Then we went to dinner at Brasserie TenTen. It's a French restaurant that we tried once and loved! We stuffed ourselves with yummy food and headed back to the hotel.

You thought that it was amazing before, it gets even better. I open the door to the room where I see hundreds of rose petals on the floor and bed. There's a plate of chocolate covered strawberries in the shape of a heart on the bed. There were 200 lilies, champagne in an ice bucket with glasses from our first date, and a card. There were also 20 balloons filled with notes of why he loved me inside. It took me about an hour to recover from the shock and amazement.

I had booked a couple's massage and pedicures (he got a manly one) for Saturday. After getting my pedicure on Friday though I secretly called the spa I had booked at to change mine to a manicure. So, I got two massages this weekend. Jake was thrilled with my gift to him.

So all in all, best weekend ever. Oh and I love Jakester. I really could not have a better husband :)

Random note: I got word that I can do some rotations in Colorado both next year and fourth year! Woohoo to living with my husband!


  1. What a GREAT weekend, Jenny! ♥

  2. WOW! Aren't you lucky! Maybe he can give Ryan some tips! (LOL)