Friday, February 6, 2009

Cake and a bunch of other random things

I signed up for a cake decorating course at Michaels. I needed something fun to do and to take a break from studying. My first class was last night and it got me very excited. Next week I have to go to class with a baked cake, frosted, and about 7 different batches of frosting. So Wednesday night I will be Betty Crocker getting all of this ready. My classmates should be happy since I will be bringing a cake to class on Fridays for awhile. I've seen pictures of what my assignments will be, and I'm just amazed that I will be able to make those cakes at the end of four weeks!

School this week....I'm in psych and because of the cold weather (cold by Ohio means) a lot of people no showed. I saw 6 patients in 2 days. makes the time drag! Dr. Schmidt is really great and teaches me so much. I was having to give her mental status exam notes back to her after the patient left. It was difficult since we haven't learned a lot of those terms yet, but she's very patient.

For some reason I just can't get my studying together well right now. We had a quiz this morning that I totally wasn't prepared for, so I got up at 6:20 to look over stuff. I guess it paid off since I got 100%. Tomorrow will have to be completely dedicated to studying.

Tonight I made homemade macaroni and cheese. It looked really great. And tasted like crap. I was totally bummed because I'll be throwing the entire pan away. Oh well. Guess I'll stick with the trusty old blue box!

Ok now I'm just rambling.


  1. Macaroni and cheese is hard to make homemade! Don't give up on it :) Try mixing some sharp cheddar and jack cheeses to give it a bit more flavor. Also, nutmeg! Just a pinch.

    I also don't recommend using sour cream if you do. I've tried 3 different recipes using sour cream and they all came out very bitter tasting.

  2. I didn't even know you had a blog! The cake decorating class sounds like so much fun! I am kind of jealous. I would love to take that class!