Thursday, February 12, 2009

Phew, Betty Crocker is pooped

So yesterday I was back in psych and it was way busier than last week. Entertaining I must say. One of our patients robbed someone in the waiting room and they called 911. Only in psych I guess. Oh yeah, someone else started themself on fire. Not in the office though.

Last night I whipped up my cake and frostings for my class tonight. Ha, whipped up is a joke. I was in the kitchen for about 4 hours straight. I made a heart shaped red velvet cake (V-day is coming up). So this is easy right? Yeah, the red stains all over everything is amazing. I have some wash to do today. I had to make stiff, medium, and thin consistency frosting. There were directions on how much to bring into class of each consistency. Plus I had to frost the cake because it has to come to class completely frosted. This lead to 4 batches of frosting! I had powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!

Frosting the cake ~ ugh, I'm not good at this. We learned last week that we have to cut off part of the top of the cake to make it even, so that there is no bubble on top. Well, this makes the cake look nicer, but it means that there are lots of crumbs, which were all in my frosting. So I have pink crumbly frosting now. I need to learn some tricks because this took far too long and it doesn't even look very good. Last night in bed, while I kept turning this over in my head I thought what if I would have cut the bubble off and then flipped the cake over and frosted the bottom. It would have been very smooth then. But then would the cake have fallen apart? I don't know. I'll ask my instructor tonight. So anyways, my heart cake doesn't look too amazing, but it's my first time and I look forward to getting better. I did learn that my turntable cake holder was the best purchase I made. That way I could just spin the cake and not make a mess. I will update tonight and post pictures throughout the entire process.

I still need to color all my frostings. Ugh.

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  1. Oh my little Betty - my first cake was much of the same. Sugar everywhere, dye gel ALL OVER my hands and face. It stays messy, but it does get easier - promise!!

    You definitely have to turn the cake upside down after you level the top. If the cake is fully cooled, it won't break. (There's a tool you can buy to help you with this, but I just use the 2 hands God gave me. ;)

    You can also do a "crumb coat," which is a thin thin layer of BC that you let set/seal for 10-15 minutes. Then the rest of the BC glosses right over that. Voila! No crumbs!

    Can't wait to see pics of your finished cake. ♥