Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So The Nose Is Pretty Amazing....

Yes I'm aware I haven't written in awhile, but to be honest, ENT is pretty boring and no good stories until I've spared you from reading about my non exciting days.

Ok first i just want to say that the nose is not given enough credit. I just thought it housed boogers and did things like let you breathe. Well, it's huge....I guess I mean deep. Look at the pen on your desk, and now imagine a doctor sticking the entire thing up your nose. It would fit, I promise, but you would not like it very much. I was in on a sinus surgery yesterday and just sat there amazed! With the camera up the nose, I could see a lot more. The maxillary sinuses (ones behind your cheeks) drain into your nose via a hole....well that's exactly what it is, a hole. And in this sinus surgery, they take a balloon and use a catheter to get it up there, blow up the balloon, and BAM the hole is bigger, and your sinuses can drain better. It was so cool.

Story #1- 14 year old girl gets sent straight down from family doc because her newly pierced ear cartilage is mega so swollen you can't even see the earring because it's in between the front and back of her ear. The plan is to numb her ear with some lidocaine (this is done with an injection) and then make a tiny slit with a scalpel and pull out the earring. As soon as she hears injection...she freaks screaming, telling him he's not touching her, telling her mom forget it, basically carrying on worse than any 5 year old I've ever seen. Dr. M gets mad because she's wasting his time....we keep going in the room and leaving...etc. We finally get to the point where he's about to inject the lidocaine and she flips her shit. And then manages to push out the earring through a non existent hole in her ear. Basically when confronted with a needle, she was willing to do anything. I can tell you that it must have hurt like a beeotch to push that out considering when he touched her ear she started crying. Can I tell you what would have happened to me if I had acted like that at the doctor's office? Something not good.

Story #2- 8 year old girl comes in because she failed her hearing test at school and needs to be checked out. She is all dressed up in a skirt and tights and basically cute as a button. Getting a good history, Dr. M asks her if she plays any sports and can she keep up with friends while running. She says she doesn't do any sports. Her older brother (maybe 11) says, "Well hunting is a sport...she hunts." Dr. M- " Oh really? Wow! Did you get anything?" Brother- "She got a doe and a 6 point buck." Her mom- "She did it with a crossbow." Little girl shrugs her shoulders like this isn't a big deal. Like holy cow! That's just awesome.

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  1. I love your stories Dr. Jenny!

    Ok, the girl who got PIERCED freaked out about a needle poke? Um, ironic much?!?!

    And LOVE the bow hunting story!