Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Laura reading on the couch.

The take a picture of myself photo.

Jake is cutting the turkey.

Our pies.

Yummy homemade crescent rolls.

Sweet potatoes!

I have to say that Thanksgiving was a total blast. My sister and Jake joined me on Tuesday. We spent Wednesday seeing New Moon and starting to prep some of the food for Thursday. Wednesday cooking included the pumpkin pies, the dough for the crescent rolls, taco dip, and a pumpkin dip. Thursday morning I got up early to drive into town to buy a paper since Black Friday shopping is one of my favorite activities. We made the turkey, crescent rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, stuffing and a caramel apple dessert. We had two mishaps- Mishap 1- I forgot to buy the cheesecloth which we use for the stuffing inside the turkey so Jake made a quick store run. Mishap 2- Laura forgot to add the butter to the caramel apple dessert- it ended up being just fine. So next year when I make this, I'll be halving the butter in the recipe.

Friday- We were in line at Sears at 3 am. Crazy? Yes yes we are. Jake bought me a treadmill though so I'm really happy. The gym here is too far away. I leave in the dark and get home in the dark and there are no street lights in my neighborhood. Plus he was nice enough to rewire the cable and move my tv in the office so I can watch tv while working out. Then after Sears we went to Dicks, Macy's, Target, and then JoAnn Fabric. Then they dropped me off at the hospital where I had to do a hernia repair and a wound debridement. They picked me up and we headed to the mall. Needless to say I was super tired and took a nap when we got home.

Saturday- Laura and I played Super Mario Bros on the Wii all day long. It was addicting and fun and reminds me of the one we played when we were little but this has better features!

Sunday- Laura left :( Jake went out with a friend to put up deerstands and four wheeling while I studied.

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