Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My C-Section

Dr. P, the doctor who took me to Brazil is back. She had gone back to Brazil and pretty much missed my entire rotation. I was really frustrated that she was gone since I feel like she is truly training me to become an Ob/Gyn. She told me today that by teaching me so much she feels like she's doing a service to women's health since one day that's who I will be taking care of.

She had a c-section scheduled today and this morning before we headed to the OR she told me that we were going to "do this." Not quite sure what that meant I just followed along. When we got in the OR, she told the surgical assistant that I would be taking her place. Actually, I did 98% of the c-section up until the time to imbricate (restitch the uterus over the first line of stitches). I made the entire incision, used the Bovey, cut the muscle, fascia, peritoneum, uterus, pulled the baby out, cut the cord, pulled placenta out, and stitched up the uterus. I was just amazed how much I got to do. While I was stitching up the uterus, I was going through one side, reloading the needle and going through the other. She stopped me and asked why I was not going all the way through. Well the surgical assistant last night wouldn't let me do it that way and I explained that to Dr P. Her response: "Excuse me, but I believe I taught you that way and I will be telling him that." Whoa. Yeah, surgery was over and she went and found him and told him exactly that. Shit...I don't want any drama. I wasn't trying to cause problems.

I got lots of compliments today. It makes me feel really good when everyone keeps telling me that I will make such a great doctor. It makes me feel even better when it's Dr. P. I know when I do something wrong because she has zero issues with telling me. The compliments from her are priceless to me.

Oh yeah, I tried to do my first laparoscopic tubal ligation. Notice I said tried. This was damn near impossible for me. Like the world's hardest video game. I was holding the camera in one hand and trying to clip the fallopian tube with my other hand, all while watching a screen. Since the camera and tool to clip are in different planes, it makes things much more difficult. I had to hand it back over to Dr. P. I can admit when I'm unable to do something. It stinks, but I really was fumbling.


  1. Jenny - I absolutely love your blog. I am a LPN now but am well on my way to becoming a RN...I graduate in May! I love reading all of your stories, recognizing things that you are talking about and relating just a little! Keep up the great work!! =)

  2. You are amazing Dr. Jenny! I wish you delivered Mak. Although, I must admit - I haven't read much on the C-sections - I'm sort of afraid of what they did to me. I don't wanna know why my bladder didn't work for nearly 10 hours after the cath came out. Ug.