Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to OB/GYN

Yes, that's right. I have manipulated myself back into my favorite rotation with two of my favorite preceptors. I'm already halfway through, so that's hard to believe. At this current point in time, I only have 4 weeks left of third year. Yikes, time is just flying by. I mean seriously, how is it the last week of May?

This time around has been a little different than the last time I rotated with them. They have left the practice they were with, and are on their own. Their new office is in the hospital, which makes it very convenient for surgeries and deliveries. I'm also gone a lot on this rotation. Last week, I missed three days because I was in San Francisco for the annual American Congress of OB/GYN meeting (I'll post about this next). The first week of June I'll miss three days where I'll be in Philadelphia taking the first portion of my Step 2 boards. I'm excited because I get to meet up with some friends Jen and Erika.

Labor and delivery has been a little slower than last time around. There have been only three deliveries since I've started. The first was a vaginal delivery that turned out perfect. The second was a delivery that I walked into the room as the baby was coming out. I was totally bummed especially since it was her first baby, so normally they take longer. Oh well, those babies come when they are ready. My third was a c-section. This was pretty uneventful. The mom just failed to progress.

So I apologize for no good stories. They just haven't been happening. My life has been busy as ever though! Residency applications start this summer. This requires a lot of paperwork. I have my first audition rotation in two weeks up in Dayton, Ohio. I'm both excited and terrified!

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  1. Good Luck with you audition rotation. I know you will do great :)