Monday, May 10, 2010

Funny Quotes

I was seeing this older gentleman who is apparently quite the ladies man. I needed to examine his back so he took off his shirts. I reported to Dr. B, he came back in, examined him and then this conversation happened:
Dr. B: Ok, I'll go grab your medication sample, so you can get dressed.
We both get up to leave.
Patient: He looks at me and says "Wait, you're leaving too?"
Me: Well, yes I will let you get dressed.
We leave. He comes out when he's dressed, walks right over to me and says" When are you coming back here?"
I loved it. Dr. B told me that normally this patient likes to sit and talk with him, but today he had no interest in anything but me.

I was in the waiting room, waiting to see patients. The room was full. My next patient brought her sister with her. They were all wondering who I was, so I explained about my education, blah blah blah. The sister says "There are too many people in this world. You should be a bad doctor and get rid of a lot of them." I could not have been more shocked.

And then my adorable 3 year old nephew Will. We stayed with my BIL this weekend. As we were packing up to leave, Jake put on his hat. Will looks at me and says "Aunt Jenny, where is your hat?" Me- "I don't have one." Will- "Well, Uncle Jake can buy you one." Man, at 3 years old, he already has that all figured out.

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  1. i LOVE IT. . . you're totally on the "in" with the ladies man. And I agree with the waiting room lady. Also, i ADORE your nephew!!!!