Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boards Tomorrow

I'm in my hotel in Philadelphia trying to decide whether I want the time to fly by so that I can get to my dinner with friends tomorrow night or slowly so that I can still run over stuff tonight and get my brain all organized. Anyways, tomorrow is Step 2-PE. For those not versed in medical boards, this test is a practical. I will be seeing 12 standardized patients (they're actors, and unfortunately these are the people starving for money, not like Brad Pitt or someone there like). I get 14 minutes in the room with them to complete a history and physical and then 9 minutes to write up my note. I'm exhausted thinking about it!

So I'm about to head out for the evening....dinner (I'm thinking Chinese), grab some food for breakfast from Whole Foods, do a test drive to the exam location, come back to the hotel, review a few things and hit the hay. If anyone can muster up some good luck vibes and send them my way, I'd be very grateful.



  1. Best of luck! You're gonna rock it!!

  2. You will rock it! I'm sure Jake was a great practice patient :-)

  3. i'm sending good luck your way! chinese was an excellent choice for dinner. and have fun with the actors? (yes thats a question mark. i'm unsure how much fun you'll be having with them).

  4. Hope all went well!!! Sending post good luck.