Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Gunner story

Actually, I'm not too pleased with this one. At my last interview, one of the residents who I loved, says to me "So, your friends with The Gunner?"
Me- "Umm, no, she is not my friend. She is someone who I met this last year, and we seem to be on the same trail."
Resident-"I was wondering, you guys have very different personalities."

So the reason the resident knows The Gunner, is because we both have done audition rotations at this place. I just finished, she's on it right now. So it sounds like she is already effing it up there as well. The reason I'm not pleased, is that I don't want people at this program to think we are friends and that my behavior was anything like hers. I phoned a friend (a previous attending who knows some people) to keep her up to date on my thoughts, and she decided to make a phone call to make sure that no one confuses us. This makes me happy :)

My interview at this place went exceptionally well, I think. Except for the scream, which will be in my next post.

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