Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Interview Trail

Since it's November, I'm currently in the midst of the interview trail. I've only been on one so far, and tonight starts another, but I think I get the idea. Typically, the night before I head to a dinner for mingling with the residents. Before going to my first one, I was looking forward to this part. After the first one, I realize this is the most nerve-wracking part. There are other candidates there, and we're all competing for the attention of the residents! No one wants to be rude, because don't be mistaken, that dinner is very much apart of the interviews. From what I can gather, the residents at the programs I'm interested in, get a pretty big say in who gets in. So it's important to fit in with them. And while it's important to impress them, it's also to determine whether or not I fit in with them. I do not want to work with residents for 4 years, 80 hrs a week, with whom I don't get along. So anyways, these dinners- they're typically at pretty upscale places with alcohol. My rule is no more than two drinks. This is the best time to get a lot of questions answered.

The next day, usually has some part where the program director gives a presentation on the program, we get a tour, and then the real sit down interviews. There are a few ways to do the interviews: at my first one, it was a panel interview, there were 3 attendings and 4 residents. At my next few, there are a bunch of one on one interviews with really important people.

The next few weeks are pretty busy for me with a lot of traveling. It's exciting/tiring/nerve-wracking. Oh and just because I think it's annoying but hilarious, The Gunner (who I have previously blogged about) is running into me all over the interview trail.

If you are wondering about what specific programs I'm interviewing at or am interested in, please email me.

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