Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas is Canceled

Well the present giving that is. Unfortunately, my next set of boards is going to cost a lot of money. The boards themselves cost $1700. I have to go to Philadelphia to take part of them. So I'm thinking at least $2000 for the entire ordeal. Jake and I decided with this extra expense we were just going to not do gifts with anyone this year. It really is ok considering neither one of us want or need anything. My parents are okay with it because they are coming out for New Year's to they look at the trip as their present. It will probably just be a little weird on Christmas morning to have zero presents under the tree. Normally, I spend Black Friday shopping for all my family members, but I'll probably still go out just because it's so much fun to me!

I'm not sure what we will spend Christmas day doing, but we'll figure out something.

Becoming a doctor is an expensive ordeal. There are so many costs other than tuition that no one tells you about. Boards are ridiculous. After all the core rotations we have to take shelf exams. In order to study for these shelf exams you have to buy all these books. Audition rotations are rotations that you do at residency locations that you might be interested in. Unfortunately, you usually have to pay for housing for a month in a new location. Money, money, money. Someday, this will pay off, but it sure seems a long long long ways away. So maybe Christmas will be canceled next year too.

Are you making any cutbacks for the holidays this year?


  1. Good luck!!!! Will you have time for a GTG after you're done taking the boards in Philly?!

    I'm setting a spending limit for Christmas - I never do this, but I want to start cutting back on what I spend for gifts!

  2. I think that's a great decision.

    We're not really doing any limits, but we have never gone crazy with gifts anyways.

  3. becoming a dr is a money suck. shouldve gotten into the testing biz instead...