Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me Likey!

Started at 9:30 today and done around 12:20. Love it. Today was a good day for that since there's a big ball of pressure behind my right eyeball. So I've been on the couch since I got home.

Let's see. ICU lady was still alive when I walked by. Apparently she is hanging on.

A man who probably has the worst luck ever. He developed kidney failure from his high exposure to chemicals in his job. Got a kidney transplant from his son. All of a sudden his abdomen was so distended he thought he would explode. They found a mass in his pelvis that was obstructing his GI tract and his bladder. He gets a colostomy because of the backup of poop in his system. They think the mass is coming from his hip that needs to be fixed. No dr wants to touch this guys insides since they all seem to fall apart. An orthopedic surgeon at our hospital decides to take him on. They did surgery on him yesterday and it seems that this pelvic mass is coming from his hip and it is a calcified hematoma. And that's how he ended up on our service. We're just managing his diabetes and blood pressure. He is apparently going back to surgery to get that hematoma out, but since it's calcified they weren't able to get it out the first surgery. Oh and because of his kidney failure, his adrenal glands are failed, so he has to get IV doses of prednisone for a stress reaction from surgery. Bad luck? I think so. Dr. N has made him one of "my patients" so I'll be rounding on him first in the morning.

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