Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Sad Things

Today was a day from hell with the transition to EMR. I feel like it was a heavier psychosocial day. So the two combined made for an amazing day.

Sad story number 1- A 72 year old man came in for just a check up. He was just chatting away and then was telling us how his two kids don't come visit him anymore. They've only been to see him once in the last year. He goes "Well, I guess they have their own lives now. No time to see me." It broke my heart. This man is self sufficient in his own place. It's not like he's a burden to his family. Just one of those patients you want to adopt into your family so you can show them some love.

Sad story number 2- a lady who comes in for major depression, PTSD, and anxiety. When she was a younger woman, she was living at home with her family. She was going out to hang out with some friends. As she was getting ready to leave, some friends of the family came over to visit. She quickly said hello, and left. When she got home that night, her entire family was murdered. Great family friends huh? Isn't that just the most awful story in the whole world? I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the ground.

2 more days of this rotation. I can do it.


  1. Oh wow...I have such respect for you being able to hear these stories and still do your job...

  2. Thanks for stopping in on my blog!!

    Oh my goodness -those stories are just heartbreaking :(
    The joys of working in a hospital right?!
    Hang in there... 2 more days is right!

  3. That was the most depressing story I have heard all day. I hope you don't hear too many more stories like that.

  4. OMG, that's horrible! I am so sorry you have to be able to handle stories like that. I'm even more sorry things like that happen to people. :(

    Almost done! And Jake's coming... just keep that in mind!

  5. Just remember what you hate for selecting your residency. We did not do a good job of that and we switched after a month!

  6. So those are horrible stories! If I came home to my family having been murdered, I don't know what I'd do! I would need some serious help, probably more than a little depression pill.