Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Last Family Practice Post

It's over. Thank God. Jake visited this weekend, and we honestly just had the best weekend ever. I'm so much happier. And my good news is that our next visit begins in 3 weeks and 4 days. And at that point, we'll be driving back to Colorado where I will be for 5 weeks. 5 weeks with my husband!!! I can't even describe how much of a difference this makes in my daily happiness. I have something really great to look forward to!

Now, onto my last few stories of family practice.

Story 1: a mom is in for a physical and has her 3 year old daughter along. Now this 3 year old is absolutely adorable! She spoke just as clearly as your or I and her conversation skills were amazing. She came over to me and said "I have a secret to tell you." I bent over and she whispered, "I call my mom a banana." Oh my goodness, the secrets of a 3 year old are just the best. She then put up 5 fingers and said "I have this many secrets in my head to tell you." Sadly, I didn't get to hear the rest of them. She also told me that I was "the best doctor ever." Again, I had to laugh since I didn't even touch her. As I've said before, 3 year old kids are my favorite to talk to.

Story 2- I walked into a room and the man says "Wow, you are a lot prettier than Dr. D." I kind of laughed, and talked to him about his high blood pressure. When I went to take it again, it went up, way up. He told me that it was me. Dr. D comes in the room and the patient tells him that the scenery is getting better around here. Dr. D looks out the window and says "Oh yeah the sun is out today." That's not what the patient was talking about. So Dr. D takes his blood pressure and afterwards goes "Well, I must be uglier than the other two because it went way down." LOL.

Up next, internal medicine inpatient. I can't possibly tell you how excited I am to have an easier rotation. I don't have to be in tomorrow until 9 am! Amazing :) These should be happier times around these parts.

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  1. Thank you so so so much for your kind and inspiring words on my blog... seriously. It means so much to me (and you probably think that sounds crazy) but it is SO hard to find people that can understand this long distance life you know?

    Anyway, onto your post! 5 weeks!! wooohooo! When does that start? I will spending 5 weeks with S too starting on April 4th and I couldn't be happier. Longest time in SO long that we will be together in one place. Can't wait (although I have to share him with his family! lol)

    And HURRAY for an easier rotation! That is great :) I don't know how you doctors do it I tell you. That man is too funny with his blood pressure... crack me up!

    You're going to make a great doctor :)