Thursday, June 18, 2009

An actual married couple living together

These are some pictures of Jake building his new work bench. He decided this last weekend that he needed one because he was using the kitchen table, but now that I'm here, all of my study materials have kind of taken over. So he drew up a plan, went and bought the materials and started building it. Plus it gives him something to do while I'm studying.

So living's been so wonderful!!! I think the weirdest part is not constantly thinking that one of us is leaving in a few days. Normally we are attached at the hip, but this weekend he actually has plans with some friends while I stay home and study. On visiting weekends, he would usually cancel to hang out with me, but I encouraged him to hang out with the buddies so I don't get distracted by him. What else is weird? Cooking for two people! We are both so used to having leftovers that last a long time but now we eat the food up pretty quickly. It's nice sharing the cooking and cleaning duties with him too.

So I guess I'll end this with a poll: what's your favorite meal for two?


  1. Taco salads are easy to make for 2. :P

    Really though, I don't have any thing special for two. We always have leftovers! So I'm hoping someone else has good ideas. :)

  2. KA you and your dang taco salads!!!!

  3. We like tofu (with mushrooms, scallions, hoisin sauce) or tilapia with mushrooms, olives, tomato for 2. Often we also make chili or pasta dishes that have leftovers that can be taken to work for lunch.