Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brazil Visa

Well today I am sending off for my visa to enter the country.
Application- check
Passport photo- check (I wasn't allowed to smile!)
$140 postal money order- I will buy this at the post office
Passport- check
Copy of my itinerary - check
International immunization card - check
2 postal express envelopes- I will buy this at the post office

In 15 days, I should have my visa!

Yesterday I went and met up with Dr. P to get the itinerary. Man do we have some long traveling days. We will be departing Cincinnati on Aug 3rd at 8 pm and we arrive in Manaus at 1:30 pm the next day. Then we take a 12 hour boat ride. On the way home, 12 hour boat ride back, 4:30 pm flight out of Manaus, and we don't get back to Cincinnati until 4 pm the next day. I am going to be one tired girl.

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