Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jake's Birthday

Frosting, frosting everywhere.
The final product....a little ugly and a little manly. Jake loved it.

A picture before we left for dinner.

Jake blowing out his candles. I did not put 28 on there.

He's opening his gift. I was sneaky and packed it in a laundry rack. Hehehe

Jakester turned 28 on Thursday. I've been pretty busy and am getting to this late, but I have pictures. I spent Wednesday making his birthday cake: Devils Food with chocolate frosting in masculine colors. Thursday, we celebrated by going to Water World, a pretty fun waterpark about 35 minutes away. It definitely wasn't as nice as Noah's Ark, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Some of the highlights of the day: realizing we're not spring chickens anymore, world's biggest wedgie, going down a slide so fast keeping our eyes open was impossible, losing all modesty as you fly out of those fast slides, and enjoying the day with my perfect husband.

After coming home and showering, Jake opened his gift, with my parents on Skype to watch. We (my parents, my sister, my grandparents, and I) chipped in for a flight on a World War II bomber. Jake is very very excited about it. He goes for his 30 min flight on July 11th.

After presents, we went to dinner at Brasserie 1010 (one of our favorite restaurants). The food was delicious and we both stuffed ourselves beyond uncomfortable. After dinner, our friends came over to eat cake and hang out. We had a lot of fun and kicked them out at 11:40. A day in the sun wore us both out.


  1. I snorted at "a little ugly and a little manly" -- awesome!

  2. Awww...great cake!

    And BEST present EVER! Love it!

  3. I love the "manly" cake! What a cool gift!