Sunday, August 1, 2010

More from Oncology

As I previously posted, my preceptor is flustered by me. It's been an odd interaction, but we came to a "disagreement" on Thursday, and I changed it up on Friday, making for a great day.

Thursday- I was scheduled to go observe an U/S guided breast biopsy at a different center. Dr. O had been on vacation and seemed annoyed that I hadn't gotten more written on my case report. (Hello, I was seeing and dictating all the NP's patients!) So I asked if he'd prefer I stay and work on that. He told me it was up to me. I finally just said I'd stay and work on the research, knowing that was his preference. Well, lunch time rolls around, and this conversation follows:
Him-"Where do you want to go?"
Me-"I don't care. Wherever you pick is fine."
Him-"Jenny, what do you feel like."
Me-"I will eat anything.
Him-"Jenny, why don't you have an opinion."
Me-"Haven't you been a med student? Whatever my attending wants, is what I want."
Him-"You are a 4th year medical student, about to be a physician. Now you should be having an opinion and disagreeing with preceptors. You're not a 1st or 2nd year. Tell me where you want to go."
Me-I finally picked a place and he was happy.
Fast forward to when we're eating....
Me-"Do you like the food?"
Him-"Jenny, haven't you ever been an attending? You like what your medical student likes." Booyah. yeah he totally mocked me.
So, I've recently made my opinions clearer and things are much smoother :)

My funny story of the week. The patient is in her late 90s and was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the vagina. We walk in the room, and her daughter asks to speak to us outside. She doesn't want her mom to know she has cancer, and they are all using the word ulcer. Dr. O wasn't too pleased, but nonetheless continued with that word. This lady is very hard of we think. Dr. O tries explaining things over to her and she just looks confused and keeps saying what. Then he is talking to the daughter, telling her that he will get some testing done for today so that they don't have to go back and forth. And what does Mz. Little Old Deaf Lady say "Oh yeah, I don't want to go back and forth." She totally heard him! He called her out on her selective hearing and she was smirking. The other funny thing about this interaction, was that I was in front of her, while her daughter and dr. O were on the sides of her. She would look at Dr. O and be looking nice, then turn to her daughter and squint her eyes and give her a dirty look. I was trying very hard to not laugh.

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  1. What's wrong with being easy going? I think that is so odd that he gave you a hard time for being flexible. Its not that you didn't have an opinion, you were just trying to defer to the doctor's preferences.