Friday, September 10, 2010

Competition in an Audition Rotation

As I've previously mentioned, I was invited back to do another audition rotation at the place I did in June. When I was there at that time, I was the only medical student, so my time with the residents was all one-on-one, plus I had lots of attending time. THIS time, it's a little different. There are 4 other medical students on the rotation (3 of them want to go to this program) and 1 PA student. This means that there is lots of competition going on. Nobody is being down right rude or mean, but it's uncomfortable and I hate it. One student, who I have had a previous run in with, is there. She's not my favorite person and I caught her lying to an attending yesterday. I chose not to say anything because you're not supposed to ever speak badly about other medical students. But for anyone who knows me, keeping my mouth shut was super difficult. I guess the residents don't love her, so that's good. There's another student who I met while I was here before and I thought she was really nice, but yesterday she kept asking me when I was going to clinic (because I was in the OR and she wanted me out of there!). 

I'm holding my own and have been getting lots of compliments. But it's tough, because I know how badly the other girls want to come here as well. I've heard that none of the students have been rounding on the weekends, so I will be there tomorrow morning at 5 am with a smile on my face ready to work hard.

I just have to say that this entire process is really stressful and annoying. There is so much uncertainty that it makes things a lot harder than I want them to be. Is it spring yet?


  1. Competition like that is hard. But you are doing the right thing by showing the good in you. If you are the right fit they will pick you for you not because you lied or pushed someone out of the way. Just be awesome Dr. Jenny!

  2. Hang in there, Jenny! I know it will all be worth it in the end!