Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Gunner

In the world of med students a "gunner" is a person who is always trying to make themselves look good by being obnoxious, making other people look bad, being overly aggressive, etc. Well, I've previously blogged about the girl on this rotation who I have met up with before and didn't like. Today, she was a super gunner, and it bit her in the ass big time.

For reference, I have a preceptor on this rotation who I am assigned to. He happens to be the program director. So it kind of sucks for everyone else on their audition rotations because they want to work with him and impress them, but I'm HIS student, so I get first dibs.

So, today in morning report, I found out that my attending had a woman who was going to deliver soon. I should get to do this delivery. The Gunner asks my attending if she can do the delivery with him. I was livid! I was sitting right there and she didn't bother asking me if I minded ( I would have said yes I minded). The attending hims and haws and says "I guess." For one hour of morning report, I am stewing. Literally, I'm sure there was steam coming out of my ears.  Report ends and I walk out of the room with my preceptor and one of the residents and I just ask "So is the Gunner (used her name) doing the delivery with you?" Well, the resident gets mad and says that it should be mine since I'm the student assigned with that dr, and that she's too dominant.

Ok, we get to L&D and the Gunner runs to the room. I casually let the resident know that the Gunner went to the room to start pushing the girl. She was LIVID. She said "She has been stealing deliveries from other students as well and that is not how we do things at this hospital." Then she went and pulled her out of the room and sent me in. OMG, I was floored. So, I got to do the delivery.

When I came out, her face was priceless. She was so pissed.

And that's why you should not be a gunner.


  1. People like that drive me crazy! So glad you got to do the delivery!