Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Day 1

I showed up this morning at 4:45 to help out the residents. I rounded on the post partum patients and then a resident sent me over the to the floor (post op) to round there as well. I was the only student who showed up!!!! Booyah. Yup that makes me look a hell of a lot better than everyone else, especially since I'm not really even on the hospital rotation while all the others are! I got to assist with a delivery today and a c-section. I told the resident that I would be there tomorrow morning to help out again and she seemed pleased.

Speaking of c-sections....As a student I usually get to help sew them back up. I'm contemplating taking a basic sewing class this winter out by Jake. I can't wait for them to ask what my previous sewing experience is: people :)

If tomorrow comes and goes, and I'm still the only student coming in on my time off, I'll just be a happy little camper.


  1. Good for you getting your bum in there so early!

    If you can sew a person, you can sew some fabric. ;)

  2. Jenny you crack me up. If you can make those crazy stitches on people sewing fabric will be no problem :-) You might freak out the teacher with that answer and I look forward to a full post on the hilarious reaction :-)