Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Over!

Well, my dreaded rotation is over. That might have been the longest month of my whole life. It really was a strange month. It was very challenging, in that these patients were very very sick with multiple problems: acute respiratory failure, pneumonia, acute renal failure, NSTEMI (heart attack), and hypokalemia. And that's just one patient. The hard part is trying to figure out medication management: you have to make sure that the adverse effects of one medication won't make another problem worse, etc. Not so fun. The good news is that not a single patient died on our 1 month rotation! I was absolutely floored.

So in the last few weeks there, I was told by different preceptors that I should go into critical care medicine. The first time it was brought up was like this "I don't mean to be rude, but why are you going into OB/GYN? You are smarter than that. You should be a critical care physician." Ummmmm, absolutely stunned. STUNNED! Paul told me that my face was completely blank.

Of course on my worst rotation ever, I receive for the very first time an evaluation from the doctors to fill out about the rotation, with very specific questions. It took me about an hour to fill out. I wanted to be honest, but diplomatic at the same time to ensure that no connections were ruined. So on our last day, Dr. A had a sitdown evaluation with each one of us. I told him things that needed to be changed (which he did write down) and that it was such a challenging rotation. He told me that I did very well and that I was operating at least a year ahead of where I'm at. And one of my favorite comments: "The way you present is very unique. I've never seen anything like it before, and I like it." Okkkkkkayyy. I didn't think I was doing anything unusual.

Anyways, it's all over. I never have to think about it again. Jake is here and we have had an amazing weekend. We spent Saturday at Cedar Point (the number 1 amusement park!) with our friends Andy and Kara. It was basically one of the things that I've wanted to do since I was little. The roller coasters were amazing and everything I had hoped for! Today we are headed to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. What can I say? I'm a good wife.

Tomorrow starts the 8 week string of audition rotations. I'm not sure if I wrote about this, but the program in Dayton that I previously auditioned is where I will be for my next two weeks. The program director invited me back to his private practice.  If you ask anybody close to me, it seems that the only thing I am capable of talking about is residency. Ugh, I'm so over this process and it has only just begun.