Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Sad (and Happy)

This is my last week of my Ob/Gyn rotation. I really can't believe how fast it has gone by. Jake arrives on Thursday so I am very excited about that! We are celebrating Valentine's Day early and we got a room downtown at a swanky historic hotel. We also have dinner reservations at a nice steakhouse, so it should be good. We are planning a trip to Barnes and Noble since it just might be our favorite thing to do.

This last week, I had a bunch more deliveries, a ton of surgeries where I have learned to put in a trocar. That is scary. Way scary. Like palpitations scary. I had three deliveries in one day with Dr. M. By the last one, he wasn't even standing near me during the delivery. It made me feel good that he was trusting me enough. One of the earlier deliveries had a double nuchal cord (cord wrapped around neck twice). No matter what I did, I could not get that cord unwrapped. The nurse kept yelling "the cord is still wrapped the cord is still wrapped." I'm thinking "Lady, do you think I can't see that? My heart is about to come out of my chest I'm freaking out so bad. I do not need you to remind me every .25 seconds." Good grief. Anyways, I got it all unraveled. That was scary though. The baby is totally fine.

I had my evaluation on Friday. It went really really well. Like I was on cloud 9 afterwards. And they helped me start to sort out my big dilemma on residency.

Alright, hopefully I'll have some good stories this week.

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