Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years and a Weekend With My Family

Me and Jake before the sleigh ride.

The Nativity Scene my parents gave us for Christmas. Notice that Joseph is missing. He was crushed, so Mary was a single mom for a bit. We now have a new one who is in much better condition.

On Thursday, my parents flew in. We spent New Year's Eve dinner at Five Guys, but then Jake had to run into work because of a power blip. My dad and him ran down to Boulder, while my mom and I stayed home and had a few jello shots. Jakester and my dad got back a few hours later and we rang in the new year.

On Friday, my sister flew in. I spent the entire day baking an insane chocolate cake for my celebrating my dad's birthday. Everyone had a bad cold except me and Laura, so we all kind of just chilled out.

Saturday was a super fun day! My dad and I ran to Hertz to go get the rental car that we shared. I need a car for the rest of the week since I have to drive so far away for my current rotation. Then we went up to Estes Park for lunch. I found out that my favorite costume jewelry store closed. I'm so sad :( . Then we went on a sleigh ride. It was pretty fun but kind of short. Afterwards, we drove up to Bear Lake to show my family one of our favorite places to go walk around. It was snowing, but was still beautiful!. For dinner, we went to the Melting Pot and as always it was just fricken amazing. Yum Yum.

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