Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Talk About My Day in the Office

There were no deliveries today so I spent almost the entire day in the office (one surgery). I would like to give just a few highlights from my day.

Positive pregnancy test in a 14 year old.
Positive pregnancy test in a 45 year old.
(yes you read both those numbers correctly.)

A teenage pregnant girl came in for her first ob visit. She's already over halfway done with the pregnancy which means she came in for late care. On the first visit, you get a pelvic exam. Well, I was trying to get the speculum in when she starts to close her legs, lift her butt off the table, and say "I can't do it I can't do it." What does the dr say? "If you can get a penis in there, you can do a speculum exam." Thank GOD I wasn't looking at anyone because my head was between her legs, because let me just say I hate to bite my lip so that I would not laugh.

I had one surgery today with Dr. M. I thought that I would just observe since it was a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy and the surgical assistant does the extra work. Nope, I took her place and did the work. I was so excited!!!! He invited me to do an oophorectomy tomorrow at a different hospital. I'm pretty happy since I haven't seen one yet.

Today, at the OR, the surgery manager came up to me and said "You are going to make a damn good OB." It was totally out of the blue and made my day :)

I have two inductions tomorrow in addition to my surgery so hopefully I will have more stories.

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