Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love Cutting!

Today, I went into the clinic to work with Dr. M (one of my fave docs to work with!) since Dr. B was off. She had a procedure schedule to remove a 1 inch keloid from a man's lower abdomen. Basically, she told me I was going to do the whole thing while she assisted. I numbed him up. She showed me what margins she wanted on the incision, and then handed the scalpel to me. I did the entire procedure and it was so exciting! I was actually relatively calm and my hands weren't even shaking (yes I know that's a good thing). I did some of the sutures, but since I'm still a little slower at them, she did a bunch to keep us moving. I'm actually really proud of my handiwork today. I've done cutting, and surgery and all, but today's procedure was all mine. Dr. M complimented me and said that it was excellent. Woohoo!

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