Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First Week in OB

As you have probably gathered, I'm pretty sure I'm going into OB/GYN. So I am very very excited to finally be on my ob rotation. My first week has been fantastic. Tuesday, I had a c-section, and I got to suture up and that night I had a delivery which I did everything up until the baby needed to get out because forceps were needed. he pulled out the baby then I delivered the placenta which I have previously written about. There were two more ladies in labor when I left at 9:30 pm that night. My phone rang at 4:05 am with news that lady 1 was at 9 cm. I busted my butt to get to the hospital but because she was a primip(first baby) she took a really long time. That baby was born until 7:15 am. This lady required an episiotomy. This was the first one I had seen. Holy shit....I really hope that I never need one some day. Her mom, who was holding a leg, saw the whole thing, her eyes got huge, kind of rolled and then she looked at one of the nurses and said "I think one of you needs to come hold her leg." She almost passed out. So because of that, the dr had to deliver this baby too, even though I did all the 3 hours of pushing. Again, I was on placenta duty.

Lady #2 didn't really progress, so she ended up ina c-section last night. I actually was excited because I really like doing surgery and it's more experience for me to practice in the OR. Dr. V let me pull the baby out, which I have not done yet, so that was very exciting for me. I also got more suturing practice. So we get into the PACU, and L&D calls saying our 15 year old girl is complete. Yes I said 15. Her BF was too. She did not get an epidural because the anesthesiologist was in the OR with us. When I walked into the room, the only way I can describe her is that she was thrashing around the bed. Oh was I in for a real treat. We kept changing her position, and with that we had to keep moving the bed around. Anyways, I ended up delivering this baby (by myself!!!) on my knees. I found the entire delivery pretty amusing and was kind of laughing in my head from the things she was saying to just the entire situation. When this girl is my age she will have a 10 year old. Unbelievable.

Today I went back to go say hi to all the new mommies. C-section mom is so excited to see me and asked if I got to do anything new in her surgery. I told her that I was got to pull her baby out and that it was my first time. Her and her mom were just so excited for me. She asked me my name so that she could tell her son that he was the first baby I pulled out. I thought that was sweet. 3 hour pushing lady was happy to see me and is really sweet to me. 15 year old mommy doesn't even know who I am. I told her that I delivered her baby last night and she honestly did not know that. All I can think Teenagers, please close those legs.


  1. Oh thank god I didn't need an episiotomy. Oh, thank you god. (and thank you also for not letting me get pregnant at 15 :))

    We need more great OB/GYNs out there (it's funny I hated mine all throughout my pregnancy and then her "non-nonsense" attitude was just what I needed in the moment) - and we are so lucky one will be you.

  2. 15! OMG!

    You should come to Cbus and be my OB in a few years! Hah!

  3. So amazing Jenny! I echo Erika's words on the episiotomy, I'd rather have my belly cut open, which I did.

    And 15?!?!?! Oy.

    What an amazing area of medicine to go into. I know you'll have your difficult days and emotional days, but WOW, you get to help bring life into the world.

  4. Stumbled onto your blog via someone else's...

    Its fab and all I can say, the episiotomy is bad from both sides...

    Seriously, it was actually worse than Labor...