Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Keep Getting Better

Since I'm in OB right now, and I'm kind of obsessed with it, I am going to have a lot of posts about it. Hopefully the stories won't be too boring. Yesterday was a pretty good day. We started out with a c-section. She was 18 and it was her third baby....I'm not even kidding. Anyways, we're all set up and Dr. V hands me the scalpel. Lub dub lub dub. Yeah that's my heart pounding. I said in a super professional manner "For real?" And she responded with "Just cut in a straight line." Ok...I did. Phew. Alright, she made the rest of the cuts through all the layers. She popped the baby's head out, and told me to do the rest. So I suctioned him, pulled the cord from around his neck, pulled him out, cut the cord, handed him over to the nursery team, and pulled the placenta out. That's a lot more than the previous c-section! Oh yeah, I sutured her up quite a bit too. So exciting! If I get to keep assisting in c-sections, I imagine that I will be a lot better in three weeks when I finish this rotation.

Wiener wacker is back- I did my second circumcision. I did the entire thing with a few hints from Dr. V. The scariest part of all of it...there were three nursing students observing. I was very grateful that I had already done one. I'm not sure I could have handled cutting foreskin with three observers.

And some very exciting news! I have an audition rotation set up for a residency program in Cincinnati for October. My rotation will be in maternal fetal medicine; in other words high risk OB. I got all the paperwork today in the mail confirming everything, so I'm very excited. It's so hard to believe that this year will be spent figuring our residency stuff and that in a 1 year and 5 months I'll be a physician. Damn....


  1. Welcome to a cruel world baby boys! Just out into the world, and already a bunch of women are chopping at your manhood.

  2. Hey, better when they can't remember it and have little pain.

    Who is this?