Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Too Harsh (apparently)

This week I am working with Dr. B who I worked with previously in Colorado. This week she is on call at the hospital, meaning she sees no patients in the clinic. All the deliveries and admissions for this certain network, she takes care of. She asked me to work with her so that I could get more experience in the hospital. I had to work yesterday. We start at 7:15 and the hospital is an hour away....early mornings suck. Anyways, we had a bunch of admissions and discharges. An elderly man was admitted in the afternoon to the ICU for shortness of breath due to COPD and congestive heart failure. Well, Dr. B wanted me to go do his admission history and physical. I was warned ahead of time that he was grumpy and not very kind to the nurses. I went through a detailed history and physical. He kept telling me that he just wanted to die, blah blah blah. All was well, until the end when the following exchange went down:
Him: I suggest you get trained in something different.
Me: That's not very nice.
Him: Well, do you want me to be nice or honest?
Me: Hmmm, honest.
Him: Well you are too harsh in your approach.
What I'm thinking in my head: Well, I could hold your hand and sing kumbaya. Why on earth did you call 911 if you just want to die?
Yeah, I know...totally out of line, but come on. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I am a really nice person and am sweet to my patients. The nurses happened to walk in right before he said all that to me, so they quickly told Dr. B that I did a great job and stuff. When Dr. B went in and saw him she told him that she didn't appreciate him being rude to me and that I was just doing my job. He told her that I asked too many questions. LOL. I know that I'm not harsh, and it's the first patient who has ever said something rude to me like that, but it still bugs me a bit. Dr. B told me tht he's full of shit because she's worked with me extensively and that I'm one of the nicest people she's worked with. So I got a really nice compliment from a dr, but I had to get a rude comment from a patient in order to get it.

I will probably be seeing him tomorrow. Shall be interesting to say the least.

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